Post-Pregnancy: Mama Update

While perusing through the posts I wrote while pregnant, I had to smile, because so many things have changed now that I’m no longer pregnant and our little girl is here.

Mary and Liesl

First of all, I no longer feel swollen in my hands and feet. Hurray!

I can finally sleep on my tummy again. Yay!

Today, I wore my high-heeled sandals for the first time in months. Three cheers!

I’ve gone running several times since having the baby, and it feels so good to get my heart rate up as I work my cardiovascular system. Yee-haw!

I am able to wear my engagement ring again. Thank goodness!

I’ve still got some weight to lose post-pregnancy, but this was to be expected. Although I wanted to lose all the baby weight by Thanksgiving (roughly two months post-delivery), I realize now that this was an unrealistic goal. I underestimated how little activity I could do after the baby was delivered, and how I had to focus my attention on simply recovering from delivery and taking care of the baby (not on working out). Now that we’re seven weeks post-delivery, I’m feeling very good physically and am excited to increase my activity level.


The recovery post-baby hasn’t been too bad; I attribute this ease to having such a great husband who’s been a huge help around the house and caring for the baby. Having that extra set of hands to help with absolutely everything is wonderful, and it makes me thankful to have Pete as my #1 teammate.

And, as such, this team of two is having our first date night this Friday night! We hired a babysitter to come to the house for a few hours while Pete and I enjoy a nice evening out on the town. (Before I wrote this post, I read my thoughts at 28 weeks about enjoying date nights, and how I felt guilty for wanting some alone time, and literally laughed out loud. I don’t feel guilty about this time away at all — I’m really looking forward to some one-on-one time with my hubby!)

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