Liesl’s First Photo Shoot

When I was pregnant with Liesl, one thing I really looked forward to was having some newborn photos taken of her. Katie and Paul had some great photos taken of their kids when they were newborns, and considering that babies will never be as squishy, pliable, wrinkly, or docile as they are as newborns, I figured, “Why not have newborn pics taken of Liesl?”

So, the appointment was booked. And then rescheduled by the photographer. And then cancelled and rescheduled again…by the photographer.

Seeing a pattern here?

The photographer ended up cancelling and rescheduling our photo shoot so many times that I ended up giving up on him and scheduling a session with a different photographer right here in our neighborhood. She was highly recommended to me by a neighbor, and she was super attentive and accommodating schedule-wise. All things that are really great when it comes to working with babies and a new mom!

Here are some photos from that shoot of our baby girl. Isn’t she a little doll?

Liesl Two Months

Liesl 6 weeks

Liesl Two Months

Liesl Two Months

Image credits: Brandy Britton Photography

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