28 Weeks: Enjoying Date Night

I’ve started to realize that our days and nights of being childless, free to come and go as we please, are numbered. As such, I’m trying to enjoy the time sans baby and really appreciate the up-and-go ability as much as possible.

28 Weeks Pregnant

While I’m content to stay on solid ground, Pete’s monkeying around, climbing palm trees. Look at those calf muscles!

Pete Climbing Tree

Katie came to visit Pete and me last week for her birthday, and it was right before her visit that I think I started to really “look” pregnant. (If you look back through weeks 21, 24, and 25, it looks like I’ve just had a big lunch as opposed to growing a small human.)

While she was here, I had a mini freakout about spending time away from the baby if Pete and I wanted to go on an adult-only date night.

This freakout kind of shocked me and came out of nowhere. If you know me, I’ve always been pretty ardent about making husband/wife time a priority, and vocalized this a lot when Pete and I got married and started talking about having kids. I’d pepper Pete with questions like, “What about our time together? Will we still be each others’ priority? Will we still travel to romantic places together?” I wanted reassurance that, despite having children (and loving them like crazy), we were on the same page about putting each other first and making our marriage a priority.

My freakout stemmed from this strange feeling of guilt, of all things. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d feel guilty for even a second about spending quality time with my husband, just the two of us. Katie jolted me out of my freakout, confirming that it’s necessary to enjoy your spouse’s company apart from your children, and that this simply fosters a stronger marriage.

After Katie flew home and returned to Las Vegas, Pete and I had the opportunity to attend the Army’s 238th Birthday Ball. This was a black-tie fancy ball (my first!) and we seized the opportunity to have a fun night out on the town, just the two of us. We got dolled up, enjoyed the evening’s festivities, and boogied on the dance floor. It was a blast!

Army Ball 2013 28 Weeks Pregnant

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