Liesl: 18 Months

Well, Baby Girl won’t be the baby in the family for much longer. This will probably be the last “Liesl” post before Baby Boy is born! He’s due to arrive in three weeks, and I’m hoping he doesn’t take after his sister and make a 7-day late entrance into this world.

So, what’s been new with Liesl this past month? She got her first high fever, which surprised the heck out of Pete and me since she’s been as healthy as a horse up to this point. When her temperature reached 103.2 we took her to Urgent Care and they gave her some medicine which brought her fever down into the normal range pretty quickly. After a few days of rest and a mild rash, she was feeling like her normal self again. It’s no fun having sick kiddos!

Liesl 18 Months

She recently started trying to accessorize her outfits by putting on “bracelets” any chance she gets. Her bracelets could be anything circular, and as long as it fits on her wrist it’s a win by her standards.

Liesl 18 Months

She continues to be our “sun baby” and loves being outside. She loves the swings, playing on the big toys, chasing birds (as you can imagine, Pete isn’t a fan when she starts doing this when he’s around), holding hands while walking on the sidewalk, and playing in the water.

Liesl 18 Months

Liesl 18 Months
Liesl’s also tried helping us pick out a baby name for her brother. Should we trust the suggestions of an 18-month old?

Liesl 18 Months

She is still a little ham for the camera and likes making funny faces at it. We’ve been trying to teach her how to sit still for more than a few seconds at a time, and she’s beginning to express an interest in our iPhones and computers. If Sid the Science Kid is playing on either one of them, she can be entertained for about 10 minutes! (We’re trying to prepare the family for a 6+ hour plane trip across an ocean in a few months — getting her ready to sit for a chunk of time will be key, I think!)

Liesl 18 Months

And, since we’re in the middle of March Madness, this post would be incomplete without showing Pete’s future alma mater some love. Go Badgers!

Liesl 18 Months

6 thoughts on “Liesl: 18 Months

  1. Hi Mary,
    Vicki gave me your blog address. I do not do Facebook, so it is a nice way for me to see your family.
    Beautiful children and you and Pete look great! Congratulations on your family!

    Thank you for sharing,

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