Liesl: 17 Months

In the past month, Liesl has started becoming much more vocal. It’s so fun watching her make sounds and try to say new words! She’s able to identify a dog, bird, bus, bunny, and her dada/mama. She’s recently started saying some version of “no”, but it comes out sounding like, “no-no-no-no-no-no”. It’s pretty funny.

Liesl 17 Months

She’s also starting giving me mini heart attacks with all of her climbing shenanigans. She’s particularly fond of climbing onto the dining room chairs, with the goal of standing on the dining table. If we forget to close one of the baby gates on the stairs (which unfortunately happens from time to time for this pregnant mama), she beelines for the stairs. It amazes me how quickly she’ll get up and down those stairs! Granted, I’m moving a bit slower than normal lately, but still — she’s a speedy climber! I’m thankful she’s always been pretty stable physically; at least she’s not a child that’s unsure on her feet. Otherwise she might have a few more bumps and bruises…

Liesl 17 Months

Liesl loves anything that has to do with shoes — organizing them, playing with them, wearing them, telling Pete and me which ones to wear, you name it.

Liesl 17 Months

She continues to love her books, playing outside, and hamming it up in front of the camera.

Liesl 17 Months

Liesl 17 Months

Liesl 17 Months

Pregnancy update:
With only six more weeks to go, the end of this pregnancy is near! I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and it’s amazing how quickly time has passed. Pete and I are still trying to figure out a name for Baby Boy, but it doesn’t surprise me that we’re having a tough time figuring this out. With Liesl, we created a shortlist of names to “try out” for a week apiece. None of those names sounded right when we tried associating them with the baby, so we went back to the drawing board when I was about eight months pregnant. At that point, we came across “Liesl”, which we both liked instantly; it was easy to name her at that point!

With Baby Boy, we have created a shortlist, have tried out some of the names, and cannot agree on a name that sounds good to both of us; one might sound great to Pete but not with me and vice versa. So, we’re still undecided. I’m pretty confident we’ll figure it out in the next few weeks. It’s a lot of pressure to name a human!

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