August: 5 Months

Overnight, August has become a little charmer. He coos and giggles, smiles and watches. These little affirmations make Pete and me feel so good, and it’s incredibly rewarding to get these reactions from him.

August 5 Months

August 5 Months

Our little man has been rolling over for a few months now, and has recently started sitting up all on his own — such a big boy! He likes having his hands free so he can play with more toys and put them in his mouth.

August 5 Months

He’s also been teething since about three months old, but we have yet to see pearly whites poke through his gums. We do have plenty of drool, though!

August 5 Months

August 5 Months

August likes to suck on his index and middle finger to soothe himself, particularly when he’s sleepy. It’s the most adorable thing to see.

August 5 Months

August likes stroller rides (mostly), standing in his doorway jumper, playing in his exersaucer, and rolling around on the floor.

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