Liesl: 4 Months

Our little Liesl continues to grow and change every single day. She (finally) sleeps like a champ at night, and we partly attribute that to her nighttime routine — the “3 Bs” as Pete likes to call them: bath, bottle, and bed. Since she wasn’t sleeping through the night until about three months old, we don’t take these wonderful, sleepy hours for granted. We’ll take all the sleep we can get, because the more sleep she gets the more sleep WE get!



Baby Happenings
At her four month checkup, the doc told us that she’s in the 97th percentile for height (26″) and 90th percentile for weight (15lbs. 12oz.). Interesting fact: at my four month checkup as a baby, I was the exact same weight.


She’s rolling over front-to-back and back-to-front, so whenever we put her on the floor, it’s not long before she’s on the far side of the room already. (How do babies roll that quickly?!)



She likes to stand, practice sitting, and get carried around in the Baby Bjorn (our go-to device to soothe or calm her during the day).



When she’s on the ground, she likes sticking her booty in the air, partly in preparation for rolling over but also because she’s able to practice “crawling”. She hasn’t figured out the arms yet, but she likes to get her legs under her so she can scoot forward.


I’ve been trying to put her in as many of her little outfits (and hats) as possible, because she’s already outgrown anything smaller than six months. It seemed like one day she was wearing her three month outfits, and then the next day she woke up only fitting into six month clothes!




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