Liesl: 6 Months

I finally feel like I’m stepping out of the fog of new mommyhood and seeing the world around me. Now that Liesl is in a very good routine, where she’s eating well and sleeping like a champ, Pete and I are both more comfortable leaving the house for more than an hour or so at a time.

Memorable Moments
Our little girl got baptized this past month! We originally anticipated having her baptism shortly after her birth, but it just didn’t work out from a timing perspective. Luckily, her godmother (my good friend, Christine) was able to come and participate in the baptism. What a fun, quick trip!

Liesl Baptism

Liesl Baptism

Liesl Baptism

Liesl Baptism

Liesl continues to enjoy being outside, and particularly likes being in the water. We bought her an inflatable infant floaty toy, and she loved kicking her little legs like crazy! I’m so thankful that we live in a place of perpetually warm and sunny weather so we can enjoy this outdoor family time.

Liesl 6 Month

She can sit up like a big girl, all on her own! She tries desperately to crawl and walk, but she’s just not there yet. She gets super frustrated when she’s on her belly, kicking her legs furiously, and nothing happens. “Come on, people, I’m ready to MOVE!” My guess is she’ll figure it out before too long and we’ll be saying bye-bye to our pretty tidy downstairs. (Note: we’ve baby-proofed the downstairs so we’re ready when this happens!)

Liesl 6 Months Liesl 6 Months

Liesl also started eating some solid foods. (Do you consider baby purees solid foods? Seems more like mushy liquid food to me…) Actually, it’s more accurate to say we’re starting to teach her how to eat from a spoon. This is usually a very messy time of the day, and luckily she’s starting to get the hang of it.

Liesl 6 Months

Liesl also got her two bottom teeth this past month! It’s hard to get a picture of those sharp chompers, so you’ll have to take my word on it.

Whenever Pete walks into the house from work, and Liesl is playing on the floor, she’ll turn towards his voice as he says “Daddy’s home!” and give him the biggest smile in the world. She clearly loves her daddy, and between you and me, I think he’s pretty smitten with her. They continue to have their special time at the end of each day when he bathes and feeds her, and it’s heartwarming to watch them be so enamored with each other.

Liesl 6 Months

Overall, Pete and I finally feel a bit more relaxed about this whole parenting thing. It’s taken us six months to get here, and we’ll enjoy this small win while we have it. One of the blogs I follow published a post about how it is important to celebrate/appreciate/acknowledge the small successes as they happened, and to not let “joy stealers” diminish your happy moment by telling you, “Oh, just wait…” or “Give it two or three months, then things get hard…”

Eh, we’ll just live in our naïve little bubble for a bit longer.

2 thoughts on “Liesl: 6 Months

  1. I so enjoy reading these posts…what a sweet, beautiful little girl! I need another grandchild as my one girl is 9 years old!! 🙂

  2. omg, I can’t wait to meet that baby girl! Congrats on the Baptism, God Bless!


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